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Hey, Hey!

FREE show coming up on Thursday, May 1st here in Philly @ Ortlieb's with our buddies from Chicago, THE SAFES! They'll be out on tour with their new album, Record Heat (record by Jim Diamond). Surf on over to the shows page for more info.

In other news, we began recording our new album at the end of March Mr. Dean Rispler (he of too many bands to list, producer to even more, and record label head honcho @ Drug Front Records) producing and Jesse Cannon engineering @ Cannon Found Soundation Studios! So far, so rockin'! Can't wait for youse all to hear the new tunage! More info to come...

Also, around 85% of our current discography is now up on Bandcamp for your listening and buying pleasure(s).
We're also up on Spotify, so feel free to share tracks, create playlists, and generally just rock out!

Finally, new website on the way soon. SERIOUSLY!

Jukebox Zeros